What Is Meant By Bond Cleaning?

Regular cleaning is referred to as regular because it is done on daily basis. It involves regular mopping and dusting. However, there are some occasions when deep cleaning is required. One of such occasions is the cleaning tenants do when they have the intention to get the bond money back after the expiration of their tenancy contract; hence, this cleaning is also called bond cleaning in Perth

Difference between both types of cleaning

Although both the types of cleaning involve cleaning the house, but in regular cleaning, people living in the house do the work whereas on the other hand, different bond cleaners are hired from the Bond Cleaning Company in the Newcastle for this purpose. Apart from that, the time duration and the cost of cleaning are also different.

It is important to have house thoroughly cleaned for getting the bond money, because there are chances that the landlord might hold back the money if he is not contented with the condition of the house.

Some of the major differences between these two types of cleaning are:

  • Role of Bond Money

Once the tenancy contract expires, the tenants start the struggle to get the bond money from the landlord back. This often does not end in a good way, as most of the landlords refuse to refund over cleanliness issues. For this reason, the tenants resort to professionals from the Bond cleaning company in Newcastle. They assure the tenants the money by their professionalism, advanced tools. In contrast to that, regular cleaning does not have anything to do with bond money neither does it requires help from professional cleaners. It is everyday house chore that family members can do.

  • Usage of Advanced tools

The cleaners from the Housekeeping WA are highly equipped and well trained in using advanced tools like vacuum, polishes, varnishes, and scrubs for deep cleaning. They have special cleaning tools that leave the house immaculate. Further, they also have such supplies which prove to be useful in cleaning the hidden places like under the fridge, couches and small corners. Moreover, they have special appliances for wooden floors and carpets. On the other hand, in normal cleaning, all one needs is a broom, a duster, and a mop. There is no such need of expensive tools or professionals.

  • Smart Cleaning Experts

Cleaners from the Bong Cleaning Company in Newcastle have expertise in their work. They are highly trained and know their work really well. Their major objective is to satisfy the inspection agent and help the tenants get their money back. Normal cleaning, on the other side, does not require any such techniques as there is no one to inspect them. People work as per their own convenience.

  • Use of checklist

In order to make sure that the house is thorough cleansed, the cleaners follow the approved checklist. They cover areas from kitchen to bathroom, bedrooms, garage and even balcony so that the tenants would not have any dispute with the landlords over money.


There is a great difference between the two different kinds of cleaning. One is done on daily basis for hygienic purpose whereas the other is done by the tenants with the intention to get the money back from the landlords and it involves seeking assistance from the professional cleaners.  For this purpose, Bond Cleaning Company in Newcastle who have a team of trained cleaners who always have tenants covered by offering help in cleaning stuff.