Things To Keep In Mind For Split System Installation

Split system installation is usually considered to be one of the crucial jobs mainly because it requires a lot of attention and specific details to focus upon. If the steps are not done in a proper manner, there is no way your split will give the required cooling. If you are wondering what all is important to install your split in the right manner, below are few of the important elements that you need to consider. Let’s find it out.


Make sure that the wall you are choosing for installing the AC at is sturdy and strong enough to ensure that it can hold the weight of the unit.  


The next thing to ensure is that there is at least a 15cm of spacing between the AC unit and the wall so that good hydronic heating in Frankston can be released in order to produce optimum cooling.


As much as spacing is required to be focused upon, one must also take into account the factor of height upon which the split must be installed at. Make sure that you are setting the inward portion of the split at almost 7 to 8 feet above the ground so that relevant cooling is flowed inside the room.


Another thing to ponder over is the angle upon which the split needs to be set at. The correct angle of split setting is to slightly tilt it so that when the AC is fitted, it allows to flow the condensed water from its attached gas ducted heating Frankston at the correct angle.


Of course, the main purpose of split is to release cooling in a room which can only be achieved if you set and install the AC at the right direction and at the right location. For this, you need to make sure that the outdoor and the indoor units are fixed in a position that are away from the direct sun rays falling over it. Setting the outdoor unit of the AC should be set in an open space in order to avoid heat from the condenser.


When it comes to the placement of outdoor unit, do set it up on a rigid and flat surface. This is because important features of the split such as condenser, compressor and fan are inside this unit which may not work otherwise and cause damage. This damage would be from the result of constant vibration that will lead do immense noise if not placed on a flat surface which would not only bother the people living in your house but also others living in your neighborhood as well.